Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kindle e-book reader now available in South Africa

The latest American craze, Amazon's e-book reader, better known as the Kindle, is now being made available in most countries, including South Africa. From October 19th, the Kindle will be available in over 100 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, and will retail for around $279, which is equivalent to roughly R2100.

The Kindle uses 3G wireless technology utilised by most mobile phones, but unlike a phone, there are no data charges, no monthly fees, no software to install and no synching required.

Although the hardware is a bit of investment, the nice thing about it is that you can shop and download e-books from Amazon at any time directly from the Kindle itself. And the e-books are decidedly cheaper than the regular paper kind. The reader is 10mm thick and weighs just over 280g. It has a six-inch screen and with 2GB of memory, can hold over 1 500 books - a neat little thing to keep in your handbag!

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